Every day there are new cheeses, the shelves are full of new products, it is difficult to find a cheese that surprises you. Today I want to talk about one of the best cheeses in the world, a treasure, a moldy goat cheese called “Old Cheese Master Casar”. A signature cheese that from the first moment you taste it, you know it’s different, a special cheese.


And … is it the best?

When you hear about a cheese from the town of Casar de Cáceres, we all come to mind the famous “Torta del Casar”. In this case, the factory Quesos del Casar

directed by Mario Blasco, took a step further in its roots and developed a cheese that would soon give something to talk about, a difficult and very risky bet that has achieved excellence.

A cheese based on old customs of the master cheesemakers. Today is one of the best cheeses in the world (without exaggeration), and in my opinion over the famous “Torta del Casar”. Every time I have the chance to try it with friends, the answer is always the same: everybody is surprised and pleased, it is certainly a safe bet.


We speak of a soft cheese, softly mildewed white, made with pasteurized goat milk, and 40 days of maturation. Its smell is a clean aroma reminiscent of the ancient cheeses of the master cheesemakers. Its texture is compact, deformable and unctuous, with a soft and fresh flavor, slightly salty, very creamy and melting in the mouth. It leaves an intense flavor of goat’s milk, a delicatessen of gourmet artisan cheeses.

In gastronomy you can associate it very well with jams, sweet white wines and reds of half aging.


You can get it in two modes, with a weight of 650 gr. and another 400 gr.



It’s a cheese so special that from the beginning it has garnered numerous awards and recognitions all over the world. Among its awards, it has: 3 awards for Best Goat Cheese [Trujillo National Cheese Fair (2007, 2008 and 2013)]; 2 to the Bronze Medal [World Cheese Awards (2010 and 2011)]; and two Gold Medal (Nantwich International Cheese Show) United Kingdom, among other prizes.


Technical data

Milk: Goat
Type: semi-soft paste, natural rind mold
Fatty matter: M.G./ E.S. Min. 45%
Maturation: 40 days
Roughness: Medium
Country of origin: Spain
Region: Extremadura

Suitable for coeliacs


Test it! and you tell me what you think ….


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