How, how much, where and why the enzymotherapy is better than the rest of the smoothing treatments hitherto known.


I recently read an article in Vogue that, if it had not been because it was signed by Marta Hurtado, I would think that it had been taken directly out of my head. And not even that, because I assure you that I could not have expressed it better, nor reflect better what I felt for those of us who suffered the torment of curly hair. So here I leave a small fragment of Marta’s life “at the capillary level”, which could well be mine:

“There is a chapter from the fourth season of the ‘Alaska and Mario’ reality show in which she brilliantly synthesizes my vital feeling towards the hair that God (or my genes, go) has given me. “It’s hot, it’s humid, my hair is going to curl and I’m going to get in a bad mood,” she says tiredly, foreseeing the disaster she knows so well, which, at the capillary level, is the story of my life. they love their curly hair, I’m not among them, every time they encourage me to let my natural curl go free “because I’m sure it looks great”, a shiver of terror runs through my entire body. who has shared my life for 15 years, has seen me with my hair “really” on very few occasions (illness that you have to spend in bed, vacations in places with tropical humidity and controlled dramatic situations (…) “

The article continues and both his story and mine, end in happy ending. Mine is written with one word: enzymotherapy.

I will not say that I have tried everything to get straight hair, because the results of other treatments such as keratin or Japanese straightening have made me prudent and, although I do not like my hair, I preferred to keep waiting and deal with my curls before that cause a disaster without remedy.

Until the enzymotherapy came to my life. That happened one day in which my hairdresser Mercedes, owner of the Chedes stylists salon in the Madrid neighborhood of Villaverde, told me that there was a new treatment to straighten the hair that “bore my name”. It is organic, free of parabens and most importantly, free of formaldehyde. So I ventured to try and since then I have not stopped repeating.

I could not be happier with the results. My hair is more nourished and cared for than ever, with a spectacular shine. I have spent a summer on the beach without worrying about the frizziness and today it stays smooth with just drying it, with no need for irons.

I could continue talking about all its benefits, but I’d better leave you the interview I did with Mercedes about this fantastic new treatment.

What is enzyme therapy?

It is the last treatment for organic smoothing, it means that it has no formaldehyde or just chemical components, something is because if not the product would spoil.

What is the difference between this new treatment and the old taninoplasty ?.

Actually the change is not much, the other only had tannins and this has been added enzymes and that makes the power of smoothing stronger

What is your procedure? It is a long procedure and it can take hours.

  1. Wash your hair with one or more shampoos
  2. We dried the hair more or less to 80%. Then we partitions with the hair and apply the product.
  3. To determine the exposure time, it is necessary to make a good preliminary diagnosis of the hair. But usually, we usually leave between 30 and 40 minutes.
  4. In my case I like not to overindulge, especially when there is enough wave or curl, because I am convinced that, when it is not clear, the product is activated more.
  5. We dry the hair and pass the iron to activate and fix the product.
  6. We go back to the sink where we wet the hair and put a mask for 10 minutes to rinse with depth later.
  7. Finally, we dry the hair 100% and we would see the result.

It is not necessary to use the iron since the hair will already be smooth, but it is advisable to return it to where there is some kind of wave or movement. For a perfect finish I recommend doing it.

What are your hair benefits?

It is the best there is today to moisturize hair organically. In addition to its brightness power, its smooth finish for those who have curly or frizzy hair. This does not happen in the case of Keratin, what it does is plasticize the hair. By providing plastic makes hair weigh and gives the feeling of smooth. In the case of enzymotherapy, we go deep from inside the cortex of the hair and we heal from the inside out, hence its smoothness and the brightness it brings. Also, it is not crushed, it stays with body.

All its components are natural?

Yes, even the treatment that you take home for later is also free of parabens. And most importantly, it does not have formaldehyde. People every day look more organic.

How is the price calculated?

The price is calculated according to the grams your hair needs. We will use more or less grams of product depending on the amount and type of hair you have. If I could I would put a closed price, but it seems unfair, since there are people who only need 50 grams and another 300. Price-quality-result is worth it, but not everyone is willing to spend that money. The first time you do it is when more expensive comes out because there is no product in the hair. If you repeat, it will be cheaper every time because your hair will need less product.

How much does the gram of product cost?

The price varies according to the area and the hairdressing salon. I charge it at € 2.5 but there are other hairdressers in the neighborhood of Villaverde (Madrid) who also offer this treatment and charge € 3 and € 4. I do not tell you if we go to areas like Serrano or the Barrio de Salamanca, there the gram ranges between € 5 and € 6. The product is exactly the same and each hairdresser puts the price as it considers.

How long is the treatment?

Around 6 months. But for that it is very important to be counted, that is to say, to use the shampoo and the specific masks of the treatment for your daily routine of the washing of the hair. If you wash it with what you have in your house, it will not last long.

What percentage of people who have tried it have returned to repeat? All

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