Pete Nelson style

The usual routine, running away from work, picking up children at school and everyone at the table to eat, silence … begins “Pete Nelson” to tell us how he makes those houses in the trees. Another day, collecting children, food and “My house in a tree” …. so every day one, another, and another, and finally, between food and Mr. Nelson I started having an idea in my head. Each chapter added a new idea to my dream, the wood, the window, the interior … and suddenly I had a first sketch on my computer. There is no going back, I’m going to build a wooden house on my terrace, and I do not want it from those prefabricated ones, I want a house from “Pete Nelson’s”.

We started the project

I think one of the most difficult things was to make my wife see the idea of creating a magical wooden cabin on the terrace. I had it in my head, I saw it clearly, but how do I explain it to her?

Look at the good side, you will have a space to paint your paintings, a place to watch the sunset and let the children play … (and an office for me with channel plus and fiber optics) –

So little by little, Pete was born in me, little by little I managed to create the illusion at home. No doubt who liked the idea most was my dear older son, who asked me daily when we were going to build the house.

construyendo la cabaña

Plane, clear idea, and convinced family, now I think it’s the simplest thing to do, find who can build it, and I started looking for companies in carpentry, construction, some chapucilla.

Days waiting and nothing, nobody sent a budget and nobody wanted to do such nonsense. How was I going to make a cabin on a terrace in the middle of the city?

First difficulties

It’s amazing how in this country with so much unemployment, there are so many people who do not even want to give you a budget. The job was already asking too much, but I was lucky to meet a character willing to do the job. The typical one who knows everything, he took my plane and hands to the work was launched to prepare a budget.

After a few weeks he showed up without a budget, with nothing; not wanting to work … at least I got a company in my city where they made wood prepared for outdoor and cut to size. This data was key in the cabin, this character could not bring a single price but gave me the track of “Pinar de Jola”, a company of a lifetime very close to my house.

He put me in contact with the manager, I went to present my sketch, my surprise was capital, the manager of that company was a neighbor of mine that we liked, but I never suspected that he worked there, I did not even know that Pinar existed. Jola So Jesus gave birth to my project, he showed me cabins he had made all over Spain and he made me a budget. With love and dedication I prepared this project and that was when I knew that one day I would have a cabin on my terrace.

He already had the material and a guy who was committed to build it himself, in a couple of Saturdays, just like that, now we just have to wait …. a week, a month, Christmas and this man (to say the least) did not appear.

I carried the wood in my terrace piled several months and the artist without giving signs of life, in the end it turned out that I was injured and that I could not build it, it made me lose months but it gave me the opportunity of this great adventure.

Things in life, thanks to his injury and informality I was able to create my dream.

The adventure begins here

I told my cousin where I could find someone to build the cabin, and he told me that my cousin’s husband knew about wood and was a handyman. Immediately I asked for a price to build it, and without getting upset, he told me clearly: -I do not charge you anything but you invite me to drinks … that is, you and my brother-in-law (my cousin) help me … we will do it together- .

He never did anything like that but the death squad arose, my uncle Severo, my Primo Jóse, my cousin Jorge (husband of my cousin) and me, that’s how it all started, a screw, a wood here, a wood there, we started to build the floor, whole days without stopping, learning while we were wrong, although Jorge always had everything clear.

The knowledge and experience of Jorge, the good work of José and the perseverance of Severo, made my dream come true. I the most awkward of the four, the day I did not bother could only accompany and help in what they sent me, these were big words and nothing to do to put a picture at home, levels, tools, one here, another there.

Everything began to take shape, one weekend, another and another, the thing was working, between wood and wood a bit of beer and some warm skewer, it was the middle of February, every time I saw these three machines, it was necessary to Study how to do the next step. Now I remember the enlightened one who told me that he would do it alone in a couple of days, in short, as I said, unemployed and doing gossip of enlightened, that he knows more than google.

The cabin is already a reality

The walls already raised, floor laid, and my dear cousin Jose and I, we proposed to raise the roof plates up the stairs to the terrace, plates of 3 meters between two, it was not a good idea, and there were no ways to upload it, and in full oppression as always the call of the wild card, Jorge, husband of my cousin, the genius who has designed this cabin, was presented there with a neighbor, with ideas always clear, we managed to raise the roof to the cabin. That day Severo was absent, but he was always the first to come and the last to leave, the oldest and the one who gave the most, in his own way, a barulla, but always giving advice on the experience.


At last roof and final details finished, and in the end the most important thing is that I feel more fortunate than Pete Nelson, it is clear that I have better equipment than him, and we have managed to build our cabin on the terrace.

The other day I put the last screw, more than 1000 in total, and I felt a little sad – it’s all over now; I no longer have a table to put; and I no longer have hours to enjoy the best equipment. Now my family is delighted with her, and I … I feel in front of her and I feel the pride of having built it with my own hands, with its imperfections, its smell of wood, its memory and the effort that it has cost us to finish it, without a doubt so he knows better.

My son said to me: -pap, and … Now what are you going to invent? -.


This text can only be dedicated to the people who made this dream possible, Severo, José and Jorge, without you anyone would have built this, and above all, no one would have built such a cool window, THANK YOU.

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