And finally, the tapería in the city

Today you can talk about the great variety of taperias that there are in Cáceres, they have proliferated filling the city with a unique and high quality gastronomic style, becoming a tourist attraction parallel to that of the “monumental zone”, thus they turned Cáceres into Gastronomic Capital in 2016.

Although not so long ago this was not the case, even in the vicinity of the most touristic area of the city, the bars that surrounded San Juan and the Plaza Mayor, were lifeless bars or their own style, still combining chairs of sheet metal with the sunshade of the fashionable refreshment of that summer.

The beggining

But the history of change does not begin here, but in Mar de Plata (Argentina) where the brothers Javier and Emiliano Díaz are, young and enterprising, full of illusions and eager to work. Javier was the first to cross the ocean to begin his dream, his beginnings in the capital of Spain was the basis that later became his business philosophy. Between Madrid and Mallorca working in unbeatable establishments and soaking up experience, he met the one that is currently his travel companion, his friend and wife, a Caceres that soon made him head towards Cáceres.

Today, more than seven years ago, La Tapería is a part and sign of our restoration, at that time Javier has already opted for a quality establishment and not only in its gastronomy but also in its furniture, among the metal chairs in the surroundings there was a charming terrace where furniture was more in keeping with the living room of your house than the current terraces of the area, chairs and armchairs that made you see that something different was born there that in the end would change the sign of the hospitality of Cáceres.

With Javier settled down and in love with the city very soon he was accompanied by his brother Emiliano, who before finishing in Cáceres took good note of the Basque gastronomy, of which he is still in love today and thanks to that we can taste that mixture of Argentinean styles. Basque “with Extremeños products.

Consecration of an idea

Nothing has been easy in these years, the beginnings in the time zone of the breakfasts was a tough battle, where in months they served no more than 5 coffees in the morning, but little by little the clientele realized that in addition to breakfast, you could Do it on a terrace where your relaxing time multiplied. Nowadays that terrace and those breakfasts are accompanied by a homemade sponge cake that is the house’s own brand, a daily success where the day begins to form the spirit of “La tapería”.

After so many years and already with all the bars around modified to taperias with great terraces, La Tapería continues with its unstoppable success, and is that it is rare the night where it does not fill each and every one of its tables. The key to success seems easy, a unique space, raw material of the earth and of first quality and fresh, this is accompanied by the effort of both Emiliano in innovating every day his kitchen and Javier’s in giving a quality service, with A team of highly trained collaborators also make services fast.

Once you’re there I recommend you try any type of toast, fixed in your letter throughout the year, where you can taste the grandfather, Iberian sirloin with Torta del Casar, wild boar sirloin with cheese brie or, of course, the famous potato with honey. Among its tapas you can also taste the unbeatable broken eggs with ham, a gastronomic delicacy with direct products of the countryside, such as their eggs and potatoes of the best quality, with a ham of first level, grilled cod with pepper cream or the hake and creamy seafood, and to surprise us Emiliano always has 3 or 4 dishes out of the menu that will make your experience something unique full of flavors and textures.


The secret of success

To finish I will tell you the secret of your success; beyond the quality products, speed and the enclave where the tapería is, the secret is themselves, something that others can not match, a special treatment, a daily effort to improve, to innovate, a control of all their process make the stay there something wonderful, without a doubt the secret of success are the Diaz brothers, two masters of work that you can enjoy in Cáceres.

La Tapería

Sánchez Garrido, 1, 10003 Cáceres

Phone: 927 22 51 47

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 9 h. at 1 h.


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